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  • Odense Marzipan

    Odense Marzipan is manufactured in Denmark, using the finest California almonds that have been blanched, mixed with sugar, and rolled through Italian millstones. You’ll find this sweet, rich, flavorful candy dough adds a touch of whimsy and a delicious flavor to any occasion.

How To Color Marzipan

How To Color Marzipan
Working with Marzipan is a lot like working with clay. Have fun sculpting animals, fruits or flowers. The only limit is your imagination.


  • 1-7 oz box Odense Marzipan
  • Food coloring paste*, gel or liquid, preferred color
  • *Paste food coloring is generally preferred over liquid, as it won't change the consistency of the Marzipan, as the liquid may.
1. Divide Marzipan into as many sections, as colors are needed. Knead a small amount of food coloring into Marzipan, until desired color is reached.

Latex gloves (Marzipan is sticky!)


How To Color Marzipan

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    An authentic Thai dish which recreates the flavors of genuine Thai cuisine.
    A quick and easy Thai dish which has the great taste and aromas of Thai food without a lot of preparation time.
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